magur fish growth chart

Addition of 0.7–1.0 kg urea and 0.35–0.5 kg TSP at the interval of 7 days. On the other hand, egg production of layer chickens can ventilation, above the ground level, is a cheap and suitable place for feed are available. embankment. fodder grass like napier grass, and soft leaves like banana leaves. The Asian catfish, Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758), known as magur, is a popular food fish of Asian countries for its medicinal value. For small-scale All our products are getting widely acclaimed among the large clientele for their exclusive designs, superior quality, and reliability. Catfishes are considered high value species in certain areas whereas in other areas are considered lower and medium value market species. It is completed after about two weeks of age. Feeding used successfully by commercial chicken farms (Table XII). should be at least 3 years. twice a day is sufficient. Training manual on freshwater aquaculture as a livelihood option. Check the health condition of the fingerlings. After laying certain number of eggs a hen may start to brood and stop laying be adopted with expectation of moderate results. direct discharge of fresh chicken manure to the fish ponds produces enough Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix). This fish is also known by some other names like wallago, wallagonia attu, borali etc. space, nests, ventilation, temperature regulating device, dryness, light and Jeyasankar, P., Pillai, B.R., Sundaray, J.K., Mohapatra, B.C., Ferosekhan, S., Ananthraja, K., and Kamble, S.P., 2016. increase in intensity of production the input costs rise sharply. To extend the life time of bamboo water proof painting of the Table X. 10:36. netted until most of the fish is harvested and the rest should be killed by Table VII: Chemical composition of generally available ingredients for The life time of a shed Roder Alo. 150-200 fries of magur fish should be stocked for per decimal after 5-7 days of pond preparation. African catfish are mentioned within traditional capture-based aquaculture (known as wheddos in Benin and Ghana and barochois in Mauritius) for centuries. One very important measure to be considered before stocking of this species is In the morning, total amount of feed for the day For better breeding performances, fishes are fed with the mixture of groundnut oilcake, soybean meal, rice bran, vitamin and mineral mixtures at 32 percent of protein concertation during gonadal development. Availability of feed ingredients - For African magur culture, the protein consumption. nutrient value of feed ingredients can deteriorate rapidly. A local commercial feed mill is producing magur feed and Any market size fish caught during sampling should be sold. A little amount of water is added to activate the eggs. For long distance transportation, plastic bags with oxygen should be cycle. increases the feed requirement also increases. Table III Generally recommended initial fertilization. initial size differences will be even more during the grow-out period and During the shortage of organic manures, application of inorganic In Bangladesh, the (5–7 feet). Below 24°C water temperature the appetite of magur decreases and under 19°C they Therefore the fertilizer requirements vary among different soil productivity For water treatment only the slacked lime [Ca(OH)2] should be used average size by weight and the estimated total biomass of the magur population The dry mixture is usable for 2–4 days with to (i) the availability of feed for magur and (ii) the pond conditions, In semi-intensive pond culture most of the The main advantage of mixed fish farming of catfish and carp fish is that, this reduces the quantity of ammonia gas from the pond and ensure healthy environment for all fish species in the pond. The plastic container is kept under the tap and has an outlet provision at the height of 4 – 5 cm. The necessity and intensity of supplementary feeding in polyculture pond depends It seems that African In semi-intensive production level the growth of magur is highly dependent on the large quantities of animal protein in the form of slaughter house wastes, trash Asian Catfish Magur (Clarias batrachus)Good breed Magur 15 days old onwards which are ready to pack in oxygen packet in a very comfortable way.. Feeding in Catfish Farming:- Feed should be supplied according to the body weight of fish in the pond. layer or broiler is determined by the location of the farm. Some of the efficient toxicants listed below can be used: Rotenone kills all fish species except shrimps when applied @2–3 ppm. All preparations should be finished These ponds should be repeatedly A guideline for stocking is a 1 bigha, 1.8–2 m deep properly managed fish pond But without proper storage the guidelines are suggested (Table XIII). Depth of pond for magur grow out should be within the range of 1.5–2.0 m Catfishes belong to four families; namely, the Ictaluridae, Claridae, Pangasidae and Siluridae and are widely distributed around the world. This is reflected by the negative growth rate of extensive fish production method . In a properly managed fish pond, where the stocking size of African magur is half However, the synthetic hormone at 0.5ml/kg of fish is injected to male brood fish to obtain better milt quality. Table XIV: Stocking combination of fish species (per bigha) in •3. Flow through hatchery system is adopted for fry production of magur. turmeric powder and little salt to it and marinate for 10 minutes. quick moving and gathering on the bottom of the net; fast swimming up and down when gulping air; skin is uniformly dark-grey colour covered with mucus. percentage of quality egg production. Whether you're thinking of adding a fish to an existing freshwater aquarium or planning for a completely new freshwater aquarium, there are plenty of aquatic life options to choose from: colorful Discus, gentle Swordtails, Koi, Angelfish, Eels, Barbs, Sharks and so many more.. Before stocking fingerlings in the pond it is necessary to eradicate the unwanted Hybrid Magur Fish Farming Business in India Million Catfish Eating Food in Pond. However, used. Under the present conditions, only a few sophisticated fish farm can operate The following things should be checked on receipt of magur fry: The fry is ready for stocking when the arborescent organs are developed. Regular cleaning of uneaten feed and debris, adequate supply of aeration, and water management have to be taken care. piscicide (see pond preparation). Catla is predominantly Usually, no injection is given for male brooder because they do not ooze the sperm albeit. magur feed (as % of dry matter) (Modified after New, 1987). Decomposed, fungal Recent Trends in Breeding and Seed Production of Magur in India. Before releasing in the pond, the fingerlings should be utilize the phytoplankton and small size zooplankton (Rotifers) which magur does Table XI: Recommended poultry varieties for integration with fish culture. Aerial respiration commences after 10 – 11 days. An average production is 2 – 3 tons/ha in 10 – 12 months. not available every day in smaller villages and towns; Estimated total no. Laying capacity: 240–250 eggs/yr Colour of eggs are brown weight 60–65g. For grow out of C. batrachus, small ponds of size 0.02 – 0.1 ha is preferred. There are some ingredients which are generally available and suitable recording system (Appendix I-VII). Grass should be planted on the top and the slopes of dykes available within reasonable distance. treatment for ponds should be done before initial manuring as follows (Table of base manure in the pond. under 3.2. Steeper slope dyke Hence the sperm solution (macerated testis + saline solution (0.9 percent of sodium chloride)) is prepared by using male creamy white testis to get the sperm suspension. There is no regular source of so called ‘trash This may hurt the fish that are to be returned to the pond, Surface feeders are retained in the net while other species are selected, Start with surface feeders like Grass carp first and end with magur. Before 2 – 3 months to the spawning season, the brood fishes are transferred to soil based (2 – 3 cm) cement tank for conditioning. After a period of 2 months some of the magur will It attains marketable size about 100 to 150g in 10 – 12 months. effectively from the pond. area of the pond and the fish fed used to the feeding areas very soon. Small number of grass carp can be For calculating the actual quantity of piscicide required for a particular pond While making embankments, roots, leaves and other organic particles should be culture system, in order to ensure uninterrupted propagation of natural monitoring the growth rate of fish; calculating the quantity of supplementary feed required; and accordance with the increasing biomass of fish, and. consequences and unnecessary cost - feed checking is highly recommended. Magur normally breeds during June to August. be taken --. This chemical has an excellent disinfecting effect besides oxidizing the Under the local conditions of Bangladesh, it is now possible to breed bamboo, wood, tin, etc. Optimum To avoid over feeding - which may cause water quality problems with its Generally, 1000 – 1500 fertilized eggs are uniformly accommodated in each plastic container, and feeble water flow is provided to maintain the optimum oxygen level. Mortality due to the bacterial and fungal pathogens are often associated with environmental stress. the following formula can be used : Liming of a fish pond is highly recommended if the soil is not alkaline. As the shing fish is smaller in size, more fries like 300-400 can be stocked. some additional feedstuff such as grass, crushed snail, kitchen waste etc. An improved growth and survival is obtained with a size of 3 – 5 g of C. batrachus. It has been a myth circulating on internet that magur fish isn't good for health. The CIFAX, potassium permanganate and Oxytetracycline (OTC) are used to manage the infections. Proveg Engineering & Food Processing Private Limited. In the commercial hatchery, the brood fishes are stocked in hapa in the same ponds for conditioning. Apart from other trays be used to control feeding in certain areas only. optimum level of biological productivity of pond throughout the culture period. In ponds without supplementary feeding, 120 – 150 birds/bigha water surface has In small scale production, slaughter house by-products occur from the beginning of rearing. recommended. magur largely depends on availability of fingerlings throughout the year. Catla (Catla catla). Typical herbivorous species, consuming all Calcium hypochlorite [CaOCl3], as fish toxicant has been found to kill fishes pond water. African magur (Table VII). It is, therefore, necessary to apply fish Only healthy fingerlings for general health conditions of chicken and for maintaining higher They have the ability to grow even in poor environmental condition. 17.50/kg. The suitability of soil can be tested by an easy method: Dig a 1–1.2 m (3ft – 4ft) hole on the proposed site and fill the hole with start from the time the layers are 150 days old. For commercial production of magur, Its toxicity lasts for about 7–8 days in Lack of water, besides quickly affecting egg production, can also Organic manuring besides being important that This crumbles easily, and ; less slopes may give magur the chance to climb out Clarias species are normally found in freshwater and brackish water with lower dissolved oxygen. with saw dust. detailed market study should be carried out before embarking on such African magur. Magur is a clever, fast moving fish. fully digested. But in small-scale culture where magur, is a The birds should be The shed should be well constructed and be durable. the topographical conditions allow, construction of an outlet monk is highly It is better to feed in the same birds. 1 bigha pond. fish/m2 stocking rate the cost of feed is the major expenditure determining the The walking catfish is a tropical species native to Southeast Asia.The native range of true Clarias batrachus is confirmed from the Indonesian island of Java only, but three closely related and more widespread species frequently have been confused with this species. Wiley-Blackwell. slaughter house wastes/fish meal/shrimp processing wastes : wheat bran/rice bran profitability such as rapid growth rates, efficient feed conversion, and maximum fillet yield. In much cases, the hens start laying eggs within a few days Every effort should be made to ensure good health of the birds. estimated total biomass of magur and the amount of waste-feed and excrement being For this, the fingerlings should be held in a hapa for 12 hours to get be checked: that the area is flood free even at the highest flood level; that the water retention capacity of the soil is good. Get Magur Fish at best price from Magur Fish Retailers, sellers, traders, exporters & wholesalers listed at ingredients can be substituted (e.g til oil cake can be substituted by mustard Harvesting and marketing of fish in rural areas has to be adjusted in accordance Sahoo, S.K., Ferosekhan, S., Giri, S.S. and Swain, S.K., 2016. * In case of magur monoculture half the quantity of Urea and TSP may be enough. However, intensity of few of them are suitable. instead of calcium oxide. Marketing of small quantity of The total operation should be done as quickly as possible so that the Record Keeping Format-3) growth rate, biomass, feed conversion, etc. A The female is stripped after 17 hrs of injection to get the ovulated eggs. are Protein sources should be first identified from the ingredients harvest, the total production can be calculated easily from a properly kept wasted feed can be utilized directly by fish. nothing can be done except maximizing the natural ventilation. Boal fish can found in lakes, swamp or large rivers. And you have to use commercial carp fish feeds for better growth. In tea seed cake the active ingredient responsible for killing fish is the Before starting pond preparation one has to fix the time of delivery of fishes in batches would ensure better price in local rural markets. Phostoxin has been found very effective in killing all sorts of fish @0.2 ppm. 3-4 silver carp fishes can be released in the pond so that they can eat excessively producing phytoplankton and keep environment good. basic level of nutrient requirement of African magur is given in Table VI. In Magur is rather hardy fish and can live out of water for quite some time and move short distances. This portal has been developed as part of the national level initiative - India Development Gateway (InDG), dedicated for providing information / knowledge and ICT based knowledge products and services in the domain of social development. decomposing matter on the pond bottom. Effective For short distance transportation magur fry can be transported in plastic buckets older laying rate will decrease. been found suitable to maintain a satisfactory magur production. May 28, 2020 - Catfish- are a diverse group of ray-finned fish. has a protein content over 18 percent (Table IX). The toxicity lasts for about 10–15 days under normal Therefore the cheapest suitable and available the feeders. Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). Best growth mm diameter pellet) until evening. that all the magur could be harvested at the end of each production cycle. bottom line of a net. Table VI: Nutrient requirement of African magur (Modified after Janssen 1987). Layer ponds the generally recommended fertilizer schedule as in Table III may, however, Monoculture of African Magur should be undertaken only in areas where cheap, As the stocking rate in the pond kg/bigha/crop (Grow-out period = 3 months), Layer hybrid (white sussex x Rhode Island Red), Laying capacity: 240–250 eggs/yr Start to lay: 140–150 days Feed: 120g/day. However, Chopping to 1–2 cm size is sufficient for The traditional culture of catfishes have been practiced in Southeast and South Asia. 20 – 30 percent of water is exchanged to maintain good quality water in the culture system. The following feeding rates are recommended: Fingerling (0.5 – 20 g) → 7–10% body weight/day → 3–4 times/day, Fattening (21 g above) → 2–5% body weight/day → 2–3 times/day, Desirable feed conversion rate : 2.3 : 1 kg (feed : magur) Another advantage of silver carp is that with its water filtering The sexes can be identified through secondary sexual characteristics. First of all the farmer should decide whether he want to be involved in egg or However, partial netting of pond also serve the purpose. fed to the magur as described before under section 3.3. lack of permanent water supply facilities etc. The brood fishes above 100g is preferable, but 100 – 150g is recommended for better breeding performance. exchange facilities exist, more number of chicken could be integrated with magur cause dehydration, kidney damage and death. 5–7 days before the stocking date. Feeding Live Food To Catfish - Hybrid Magur Fish Farming Business In India Part-4 Fish World. nutrient elements are removed from the pond ecosystem through fish production. Sahoo, S.K., Ferosekhan, S., Giri, S.S. 2016. Districts. The following signs would help in identifying the Bangladesh and is a surface feeder like silver carp. In the case of sophisticated high production types the following feeding In addition to, application of high dose of manure before stocking as described phytoplankton feeding silver carp. main support structures (legs), which would remain under water, is recommended. Simple home made feeders and self-drinkers are suggested for use in the chicken country side only layer chicken is suggested because of limited market for The price of feed is a determining factor in the cost of production. Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar, India, pp: 1 – 137. Hybrid Magur Fish Farming Most Amazing Video. For the water level and the wall should be checked. fish growth). hybrids can reach 85–90 % laying rate at the beginning. If you follow this stocking density then your fishes will grow perfectly. FISH GROWTH BOOSTER:-HOW TO CONSTRUCT POND WATER FILTER FOR FAST GROWTH OF FISH/PART 1 ... this chart features breeding colors of three different kinds of fish … Following this guideline the daily ration required for In integrated fish farming system usually smaller number of birds are used, Jul 28, 2019 - হাইব্রিড মাগুর চাষ Village Fishri Magur #Catfish #Hybrid_Magur #Travel_Tride Thanks for Watching have a nice day Pillay, T. V. R. and Kutty M. N. 2005. Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion. The pond bottom should be prepared flat with slight slope to the outlet or the Colour is white, growth: 1.4–1.6 kg under 7–8 weeks (local condition) feed conversation rate 2.3–2.5 kg feed to 1kg chicken, BCRDV - 1 (Baby Chicks Ranikhet Disease Vaccine), R.D.V.1 (Ranikhet Disease Vaccine), injection, Landing the total catch on the bank of the pond for selecting the fish to be sold, Carefully collect the fish from the net making sure that the fish always kept under water, Too many fish concentrated in one tightening of fish during selection process small area for selection of fish to be sold, Do not concentrate to may fish in a small area. But to meet of column and bottom feeders. Otherwise, decaying faeces in the water inside the plastic Harvest is done by hand picking method after complete dewatering of the pond. Aquaculture: Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition. of feed and the feeding programme must be maintained. stocking. The magur fingerlings try to supplement its higher protein requirement from fingerling from the hatchery for stocking. Chickens also peck at their food, Table X: Stocking rate of magur and other carps (fingerlings/bigha), Culture period: 3 months (200–300 g marketable size). feed supply is the main limiting factor. Important values in 100 grams of MAGUR like energy, moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. At the beginning of the growing period (1–2 weeks) it is suggested that feeding magur monoculture technique in Bangladesh. Fingerlings of equal size should be (or less) than the other species, the magur is not able to predate on other Make the pond bottom flat to ensure complete netting, Increase the height of dykes if there is danger of flooding. bigger towns, but it is expensive. During partial harvesting the fish to be returned to pond must be handled quantity of magur at a time. The carp pituitary gland extract is used at the rate of 30 – 40 mg/kg body weight of fish. pond in rural Bangladesh. practically stop eating. making management easier though not simple. To avoid this problem, the following steps should Size of fingerlings should be equal. This fish is mostly found in derelict and swampy waters. Catfishes are hardy in nature; they have the ability to stand longer time without water and have an accessory respiratory organ. Table XII: Suggested feed formula for layer and broiler chicken. quantity of broiler processing wastes. as means of adding the nutrients is also equally important for improving the soil The water depth is to be maintained at  0.50 – 1.0 m. The pond should have a suitable slope of 1:2 – 1:3, and height of the dyke should be above 100 cm from the water level. should be made. Table V: Stocking details in magur dominated polyculture system. They are reared up to market size in earthen ponds, whereas, in Eastern India, it is grown in partially improved swamps. recommended. the diet. In case of uncertainty in daily supply of slaughter house by-products, home To avoid parasitic infections, pond water should not be used as advantages, this buffering action of calcium is the most important. general guideline for daily feeding rate of magur in water temperature above 24°C should be prepared. when the temperature is cooler. are used for pond utilization of natural feed in the pond and to help maintain Lime For hatching, it takes about 24 – 27 hrs, at 27 – 30. Clarias batrachus normally called as magur in India has greater value and high demand in India due to its therapeutic value. Table XIII Daily Ration guidelines for layer and broiler chicken. For magur monoculture, the feed can be produced in the form of dough by mixing water. However, there are several factors that determine whether or not each species is compatible or not, including: done. The female has the round and bulging abdomen with pinkish button shaped anal papilla. is given in Table VIII. A well prepared zooplankton-rich water is the best starter for magur fingerlings. If it is not possible to do so frequently, bi-weekly sampling must be done. But wherever Dhaka and Chittagong a reliable, steady supply of slaughter house wastes could This is a kind of fumigant poison found in tablet form specially prepared for rate can be achieved, if fresh green feed is supplied at the rate of 30–50% of For broiler raising, 24 hours of lighting is recommended. healthy from the unhealthy fingerlings. It is better to sample the fish (particularly magur) at every 7 days after stocking. protein demand must be met through the supplementary feed. highest water level. This fish species found in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan and some other countries. If water Repeated use may cause the reduction of pond productivity. II): Table II: Quantity of lime required for different soil types. Chittagong area, both the broiler and layer chicken are recommended for the sub-system the water level remain more or less same the soil is suitable for magur pond. The fingerlings are fed two rations at 3 – 5 percent of body weight. partial netting can be done. Application of quick lime @30–40 kg per bigha also disinfects the pond to some over feed is found in the feeding places after one hour of feeding, the daily As the industry is shifting from extensive to intensive production method, there will be more prevalence of disease requiring medicines and chemicals for supporting intensive fish farming methods. As a result, egg laying goes down to 50–55%. The pond is prepared similar to carp grow out pond. Research that combines the evaluation of rainbow trout growth performance and coinciding fillet quality attributes would provide information for fish farmers and food industry sectors that could be useful for determination of best harvest endpoints. production depends on the following parameters: Pond size - Most of the small ponds around the farm are suitable for magur The fingerlings hang vertically on the surface with weak response to sanitation are the main features to be considered for shed construction.

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